Leg/Post Vise

My Vise

My post vice lays, in pieces, on the garage floor. I've disassembled it, had it sand blasted, replaced a broken bolt and then reassembled it. Started out thinking I'd apply some sort of patina, but after trying two different colors I've given up that idea for a good coating of Rustoleum. Thought briefly crossed my mind to use something like safety yellow or neon orange, but (fortunately) I've pretty much settled on a flat green. Now I just need to disassemble it again, wait for the wind to stop, spray each piece (except the jaws), grease the screw, and then reassemble it. After that, I need to build a stand (back to welding again).

Sometime Later ...

Well, it's back together, painted and mounted on a stand. The stand was made from a used dental chair base, some spare pipe, and some plate steel for the vise to attach to and for tool/part storage.

I got this hand vice on eBay without much thought as to what I'd really do with it. Best use I've found so far is to hold parts while I clean them up on the wire wheel.

Vice Spacers

vice spacersVice spacers allow you to hold items that are smaller than the jaws of your vice without putting uneven pressure on one side of whatever is being clamped.

Wishlist ...

Roger LaBrash's chain driven leg vise. The advantage of the chain and dual
screws is that the jaws move in parallel.

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