Tool Rack

This is on ongoing project to come up with a tool rack which is mobile so that I can move it around my work area to wherever it is needed. At this point I'm thinking about a few "modifications".

  1. It will have to have wheels because I want it as mobile as possible
  2. The tubes for the hammers will be much shorter to decrease the overall weight of the rack and keep costs down
  3. The "punch" rack will probably be PVC tubing attached to the rack frame via pop-rivets with caps on the bottom to keep the punches from falling through and will probably be mounted on the side opposite the tong rack
  4. The tong rack frame will be some T-channel because I have a bunch in the garage. I'll probably use rod because I have it too!
Sometime later ... Kens tool rack

Well, my good intentions to make my own fabulous tool rack from the plans above have taken a detour. While I was cruising the Internet I came across this.

It is an expandable tool rack from Ken's Custom Iron. I bought just the two support pieces and will pick up the cross bars from my friendly IMS store. I just need to figure out how wide I want it. I may end up getting more pairs because I expect I'll want two racks for my tool shed and another one for holding the tools I'm going to need for a given project near the anvil/forge area (on wheels).

    Gee Mom, look what else I've found!

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