Hardy Tools

Here are just some of the vast array of available hardy tools. These are not mine,
but just a photo that I found on Google to illustrate different types and
styles of hardy tools.

There several basic types of hardy tools:

I've collected a number of different hardys over the years. Here are the ones I can currently find. There are still a number of ones that I'll own someday, just as soon as I can figure out what I'd do with them if I did buy (or build) them.

I also have a number of swage tools to forming metal that fit in my vice. You can look at those on my Swage page.

Bending Tools

Pretty standard bending fork hardy

An adjustable bending tool. Gives more flexibility,
but sacrifices something with the thinner posts.


Typical hot cutter hardy with a solid shank.

My cutter, the shank is hollow square tubing.
Works well and is lighter. The hollow shank also lets you skip
the base plate between the shank and the blade making it quicker to make.

My cutter for making rounded cuts

This is a hot cut plate hardy, used to protect
the face of the anvil while hot cutting.

Shaping Hardys

My bick forming hardy. Handy for making cone shapes
from rod and forming sheet metal into a cone.

Cone mandrel hardy for shaping metal into rings.

Grooved swage hardy

Grooved swage hardy

Grooved swage hardy

Grooved swage hardy

Swage radius block. Gives you varying radii on its edges and will
form a part of my "someday" home-grown version of the
Williamsburg nail-making jig.

Forms a rivet block for setting rivets.

Hardy swage for forming rose petals.

Wish List

Dog Bone swage is used to form rose petals, ladle ends, candle cups, and to turn leaves etc.
swan neck scroll starter
Swan Neck scroll starter - Use to start scrolls - similar to the method of half blows on the edge of the anvil as you slowly push the metal over the edge

A different type of scroll starter
- you dish the scroll to start

    Gee Mom, look what else I've found!

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