CBA Level II, Project 16: Williamsburg Bending Wrench and Forks

Material Generally

These are also called scrolling wrench and scrolling forks- either language works. They are great for forming controlled bends in hot metal, either alone (wrench or fork) or paired. They really shine when you need to undo a bad scroll or flawed bend! Another use for the wrench is to pull hot metal against a scrolling jig or other form, insuring an excellent fit. These last two are why you'll want them for making and using your scrolling jig...

For the wrench, square stock makes it easier to get a good, beefy weld in the handle- just remember to round the two ends, first!

Do make yourself several U-shaped scrolling forks in a couple of diameters of stock, and at a few different spacings. This will let you do bends of various arcs in different weight steels. You'll find plenty of other uses, too (like adjusting rat-tail scrolls or making the wrapped handle eye on Dave Vogel's steak turner design...).

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