From my experience there are basically three methods for texturing metal for the average smith.

  1. beating with a hammer
  2. using a spring swage (works best if you have a power hammer or treadle hammer
  3. using press dies with a hydraulic press.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can't use either the spring swage or press dies with your hammer and anvil. But juggling your hammer, metal, and die/swage usually requires three hands. And without a helper I found it incredibly difficult.

A "storyboard" of a variety of textures
(Red Mountain Ironworks)

Hammer a piece of round rod across another
piece of round rod

Hammer with cross pein, rotate 90-120° then repeat until you're satisfied

Pebble textured spring swage

textures made on a power hammer
A variety of textures
brick texture
Brick texture
hammer marks
Texture made of hammer marks. Yes, the same
ones you spend so much time getting rid of.

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