Mokume-gane, sometimes spelled Mokume-game, is a Japanese metalworking procedure, which produces a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Mokume gane translates closely to "wood grain metal" or "wood eye metal", describing the way the metal takes on the appearance of natural wood grain

Diffusion Bonding

Diffusion bonding is a solid-state welding technique used in metalworking, capable of joining similar and dissimilar metals. It operates on the materials science principle of solid-state diffusion, wherein the atoms of two solid, metallic surfaces intermingle over time under elevated temperature.


Diffusion-welding is a solid state process controlled by diffusion, that produces a weld between the intended members by the long time application of considerable pressure at elevated temperatures.

mokumeThe characteristic features of this process are that it does not introduce macroscopic deformations or relative motion in either of the welded parts and that it does not melt base metals.

Advantages Limitations
  • This solid state process avoids pitfalls of fusion welding
  • Dissimilar materials welds are possible
  • Properties and microstructures remain similar to those of base metals
  • Multiple welds can be made in one setup at the same time
  • Produces a product finished to size and causes minimal deformation
  • Presents less shrinkage and stresses compared to other welding processes
  • Highly automated process does not need skillful workforce
  • Costly equipment especially for large weldments
  • Costly preparation with smooth surface finish and exceptional cleanliness
  • Protective atmosphere or vacuum required
  • Long time to completion
  • Not suited to high production rates
  • Difference in thermal expansion of members may need special attention
  • Limited nondestructive inspection methods available

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