Forging Bamboo

Have you ever wanted to forge some bamboo out of pipe. I first learned this method from Larry Gotkin in my classes at Pima Community College. He makes the most fabulous historically accurate tomahawks and edged weapons and I'm constantly in awe of his skill and talent. You might want to visit his web site to see what he has for sale.


One Way: Spring fuller

Makes a great looking balister,
but I'm not sure about bamboo.
Source: Blacksmiths Depot

Another Way:

Step 1: Heat the pipe (can be done in forge or with torch); objective being to produce a section of the pipe ready for fullering

Step 2: you're going to have to fuller the pipe
uniformally around the pipe

Step 3: this is the pipe after you have fullered it to create the "crease" for the bamboo joint

Step 4: then you "drive" the pipe into an immovable object (the floor, or stand on a stool and drive into your anvil) and the fullered joint will collapse on itself making the joint and allowing a slight bulge at the top and bottow of the joint like real bamboo would have

And voilà! You may want to make a number of "bamboo culms" for current and future projects while you're at it.
Larry Carrigan - Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association

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