Unusual Trivets

Trivets tend to intrigue me. I've made a few (#2 below is one I made in a class at the CBA Spring Conference), but haven't come up with a design that I'm comfortable with saying "I made that". Below are some interesting forged trivets that I found on Google Images.

Mastermyr Trivet Reproductions

Viking mastermyr trivet a hand forged copy of the trivet from the Mastermyr hoard,
Gotland ,Sweden, 1000AD, nominally 6" long and 1" tall

A hand forged steel trivet based on the find from the mastermyr hoard, gotland Sweden 1000AD stands around 1" tall
and is about 6" long fully functional and for living history reenactment use made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools

Drawing from the original Mastermyr trivet

    Gee Mom, look what else I've found!

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