Forging Leaves

Well, they say everything gets better with practice. If so, then I need to practice leaves until I drop! I've made a few that turned out okay, but I generally avoid making them because I can't consistently make them acceptably so that I'd say proudly "I made that"!

Leaf Hammer
First tool, a "leafing hammer".
One end is for hammering the basic leaf into forms for a cupped shape
and the other end is sharper allowing it to be used for creating the
veins in a leaf.

The veining chisel is used to cut the
veins into the leaf.

These two tools are to add the center vein down a leaf and provide a way
to add some dimension to the leaves to make them more lifelike.

The veins can also be added using a tool like this veining
hardy to hammer the leaf against adding the pattern.

Found the picture of this device online.
It will do both the veining of the leaf and allow
cupping over the dome under the chisel.

This is a basic storyboard on how to make a leaf.

Gingko Leaf

    Gee Mom, look what else I've found!

"We all do better when we all do better."
       - Paul Wellstone, US Senator from Minnesota (1944-2002)

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