S Hooks
s hook
An assortment of S hooks,
different strokes for different folks ...
90° Hooks

A 90° hook allows you to hang
the hook against a wall or gate
and have a plant hanging
from it
J Hooks
j hook

This hook holds pots hanging on a pot rack
Beam/Drive Hooks
some drive hooks I made
Drive hooks can be driven into a post, faschia, tree, etc.
to hang a bird feeder, hanging plant, or anything else

Decoration can be added to a drive hook by twisting and/or scrolling
Heart Hooks

This is a heart shaped hook that I learned how
to make at John C Campbell Folk School
(thanks to Pat McCarty)
Undershelf Hooks

These are designed to mount underneath a
shelf or overhang
Tailboard Hooks

Relatively standard tailboard hook

"Fancy" tailboard hook by Gary Huston
Decorative Picture Hook
hmmm ... interesting
Hang above the picture so you can see the hook!

Railroad Spike Hooks

tack hook

Latch Hooks

NRBA latch from ABANA Salt Lake City
First saw this at the ABANA Conference in Salt Lake City. Finally found the plans the Northern Rockies Blacksmiths Association (Level 1 Gate Hook).

    Gee Mom, look what else I've found!

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