Cowboy Hats

Fold Forming a Cowboy Hat

I saw this demonstration at the New Mexico Artist Blacksmith Association's Spring Conference. It was presented by Randy McDaniel. The pictures of the jig that he brought with him and used in the demonstration are pictured here. I intend to replicate it and start making some cowboy hats. I'll probably make several versions, including one that can be used as a business card holder.

My Efforts
contruction hard hats
My attempts at the John C Campbell
Folk School look more like construction
hard hats than cowboy hats.
hat swage and ballpeen
My hat swage and ballpeen hammer
head for sinking the hat
Materials: Procedure:
  1. Heat disc
  2. Center over swage
  3. Drive ball peen head into center of disc, repeat until you are satisfied with shape
  4. Flatten brim as you drive the center
  5. Place top indent for hat with chisel/top swage
  6. place side indents for hat
  7. Curl brim as desired

I intend to make hats that more closely
resemble the flat top hats worn by Spanish
Colonial settlers since I'm working
at the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson
doing blacksmithing demos.

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