Melting Temperatures of Metals

Melting points of some of the more common metals and alloys used in blacksmithing are indicated in the table below:

Metal Melting Point
Temperature (Farenheit)
Admiralty Brass 1650° - 1720°
Aluminum 1220°
Aluminum Alloy 865° - 1240°
Aluminum Bronze 1190° - 1215°
Brass, Red 1832°
Brass, Yellow 1710°
Cast Iron, gray 2150° - 2360°
Chromium 3465°
Copper 1983°
Cupronickel 2140 - 2260°
Iron, Wrought 2700° - 2900°
Iron, Gray Cast 2060° - 2200°
Iron, Ductile 2100°
Nickel 2647°
Plutonium * 1180°
Steel, Carbon 2600° - 2800°
Steel, Stainless 2750°
Tin 449.4°
Uranium * 2070°

*  Left those in for fun

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